We each have a fascinating story to tell about how we found Poshmark and how we’ve been changed by Poshmark.

Many of you know my story.  Now let’s hear yours.

Comment below (in as many words as you wish) the circumstances that led you to start Poshing and how it has changed your life.

You can use just your first name. Only I will see your email address.

(disclaimer –  This website is NOT affiliated with the Poshmark app, nor is it endorsed by Poshmark or its employees.  Your comments below are strictly for the consumption of this website’s viewership.)

2 thoughts on “PosHER-STORIES

  1. Wenrella says:

    I first met Manish Chandra the CEO of Poshmark at the Seattle live Party in 2011. I knew from the beginning this company was for me.There are companies trying to copy what Poshmark is doing & it’s laughable. I asked Manish when Poshmark started growing bigger if he would please make sure that Poshmark would still feel like a family business. With the tremendously quick growth his promise & his word still stands. Poshmark is giving back the lives of women with chronic illnesses. One day, my goal is to start a Non-profit for women W/chronic illnesses. Due to the easy app & what we call giving PoshLove. Everyone is extremely helpful & each Poshinista wants to see all ladies succeed. My dream is to one day have a non-profit organization for women with chronic illnesses. I will make sure that one of the classes they will teach is how to set up a Poshmark closet & become more independent. I can’t wait for the day I stand before these valuable women & let them all know the reason I’m still alive & successful is due to the Poshmark love and standards. Keep up the great work. Much posh love to Manish & the Poshmark team. (I’m a chronically ill fibromyalgia WARRIOR & empower others using Poshmark✌️)

  2. Kathleen says:

    I was on facebook and an old friend from high school (Maria) updated her status with her new job with a great new app!

    The rest is history!

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