a propos de moi (About Me)

I wish....

Don’t let those flowers fool you.  I’m actually quite demure.

Bonjour, y’all!

Welcome to my narrative. I’m half French, born and raised in the South (what’s the French word for GRITS?) quickly approaching the OTHER side of my midlife crisis.  I’m a fine wine that will only improve with age… as long as I’m stored on my side. I have been known to embellish the truth because I think we should all laugh until our sides hurt and our hiccups bleed…

I admire chocolate in all of it’s exquisite forms, haute fashion bought on the cheap, the occasional trip to a foreign land, and the Academy Awards.  

I want to go to the Oscar ceremony before I die.  I want it like Veruca Salt wanted the goose that laid golden eggs.  And if I ever do go, I don’t want to attend as a nominee.  I’d rather reprise the streaker stunt of 1974 wearing nothing but a tiara.  Much better chance of making People Magazine’s 100 Most Intriguing People of the Year.  Way to stay classy, girlfriend.

I cherish my family and friends – y’all NEVER roll your eyes when you remind me to keep my arms inside the ride at all times…I heart you all.  



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One thought on “a propos de moi (About Me)

  1. Wenrella says:

    Hi GF, I finally found your blog. Just gonna catch up on what’s up. ✌ Wendy Reavis

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