The Closet Riddle: POSHible or Not?

UPDATED 7/14/16 to reflect newer Poshmark policies and guidelines! Cheers!

“I have a fab item I want to sell.  

Is it POSHIBLE???”  

America, welcome to the newest lexicon.  Life will never be the same now that we’ve learned how to “Posh”.  And if you’re “Poshing”, you’re definitely on POSHMARK.

If you aren’t on Poshmark, download it HERE. You can thank me later.

Poshmark is America’s fastest-growing, direct-to-mobile platform for selling new and used fashion.  Poshers “do it in the closet”, so to speak.  We list fashion we no longer wear, and in mere minutes our items go “live” – available for immediate purchase all over the country.  Never has cleaning out one’s closet been so easy.

This thing is SO successful, I’ve had men approach and ask me to tell their wives about Poshmark. Can’t blame you, guys.  When you hear that billions of dollars in clothing and accessories are lingering unloved in closets all across America, you wonder if it would be lucrative to liquidate some of that inventory. That’s the sales pitch that gets ’em everytime.

The hardest part of Poshing is figuring out what to sell.  That’s really the hardest part.  Everything else is quite simple after that.  From the moment you list an item to the moment you push it lovingly it into a priority mailbox bound for another Posher, you realize,

“OMG, I’m so high tech now and I still have my sanity intact!  And I’m making money!”

Poshmark extends new users the freedom to make a lot of their own decisions with regard to listing and promotion.  You can be your own closest entrepreneur, selecting items, snapping pictures to showcase them, creating listings, and setting price.  The app serves as the platform to build your closet with Poshmark backing every “in-app” transaction.  Poshmark also gives sellers access to their unique $5.95 POSHPOST flat rate shipping label (good for up to 5 lbs) and oversees the transfer of money from buyer to seller.

For this service, Poshmark takes a 20% commission on sales over $15, and a $2.95 commission on items $14 and under.

But “Poshing” isn’t just a term limited to buying and selling in the app.  There’s a community that resides there, of which you become a highly-valued member. Other Poshers “share” what they like to their followers, and this can build “word of app” for your items.  These shares are what fuel sales.

And here’s where I’ll depart from my rehearsed “What is Poshmark?” text…

For it is this same Poshmark community which is so instrumental in the exposure of your closet

…as long as you are following the rules.

If you are reading this as a rabid Posh newbie, there’s a slim chance you may have done what any rabid Posh newbie would do.  You just destroyed half your house in a frenzied attempt to list anything that wasn’t bolted to the floor.

{pant, pant, pant}



MUST. FIND. MORE.”  {pant, pant, pant}



Btw, did you read that fine print on Poshmark first?


{shakes head}

No?  Well, that’s okay, right?  Hardly any of us do that with the apps we download.  I mean, honestly, WHO can recite the Candy Crush Terms of Service?



What????  YOU DIDN”T READ the CCTOS?  And they are STILL letting you crush candy?!

Those heartless heathens.

That poor innocent candy.

Well then, it’s perfectly understandable that you’ve built a 50-item Posh closet in the span of oh, 30 minutes without double-checking that fairly important part of the app which tells you what you CAN and CANNOT sell.

It’s right there in the FAQs, starting with the phrase “we don’t condone” which is a really pleasant way of saying “we don’t support the selling of THAT item on THIS site”  The tone is not harsh because Poshmark is a happy place to buy, sell and network with women across the country who are just as fanatical as you.

But what Poshmark wants you to understand is how it has a very clear vision to sell just clothing and accessories.  Everything else – and there’s A LOT which falls into that category – doesn’t quite mesh with that vision.  And because it’s Poshmark’s vision and NOT yours, you shouldn’t get upset to hear you can’t sell EVERYTHING on the app.

I mean, really.  Can you blame Chick-Fil-A for not offering filet mignon and flatscreen TVs on the menu?

But that isn’t your worry at the moment.  Your real concern is why no one is sharing your Barry Manilow Deluxe CD set on Poshmark.   You’ve got it priced at an incredible bargain and you’re even throwing in a free bottle of “Eau de B.M.” with purchase.

What gives???


Without checking the details of the Posh fine print, you’ve perhaps listed a “few” items that aren’t allowed on Poshmark.  And that all-important Posh community that you rely upon to share those items is…well, markedly absent.

It’s not that they don’t like YOU.  It’s not that they don’t like Barry… Well, maybe they do.  No offense, Barry.

The REAL problem is you have a closet out of compliance with the guidelines, and Barry’s presence is wreaking havoc on your shares and newsfeed.  And here’s where the realization sets in.


Still likin’ Barry?

Yeah, I thought not…

Don’t panic.  What you’ve done is a fairly normal occurrence with new onset Posh addiction.  One which we’re gonna try and nip in the bud.  Right here.  Right now.

There’s definitely more than one Posher who came into the app early on and made the same hurried mistake.  Ahem. {raises hand}.  We have all done the typical listing frenzy thing and have seen our share of books and dog collars in our own closets.

And usually what followed was a more experienced Posher coming into the closet and whispering “Ummm…you can’t sell that.”

So we just deleted those listings, lickety split.  And since a great many of us are veterans still kicking around in the app, it apparently wasn’t the be-all end-all of our Poshmark career.  We’re just all very careful now about what we list.  And we’re working hard to mentor new closets to build closet rule compliance sooner rather than later.  And the reason is: we WANT to share your items!!!  We’ll share the heck out of them if given the chance, but we’re too busy trying to get past all those body lotions, dog collars and offline transactions.

I can’t tell you how many Poshers have written to me – ready to close up shop – not realizing that something as simple as a bottle of perfume was keeping them from being host-picked.  Once the questionable item listing was removed, so a new era of Posh success was ushered in for them.

My BEST advice is to log onto Poshmark immediately and take time to read the Poshmark rules (NO OFFLINE TRANSACTIONS) and all the guidelines (NO OFFLINE TRANSACTIONS) and the section entitled “What Can I Sell”.  Then check out the Terms of Service  (NO OFFLINE TRANSACTIONS).

Btw, did I mention NO OFFLINE TRANSACTIONS?  Okay, just making sure.

Did you read everything?  Good.  Now it’s up to you to translate those guidelines correctly while building a compliant closet.

So, go to it.

Aye, but there’s the rub.  For as it is in so many facets of life – religion, politics, tax deductions…. the total calories in that cheesecake you just pounced on  – so everyone translates the same thing in about 40 million different ways.  The “we don’t condone” part of Poshmark is no exception.

That’s where this post comes in.  Just like TSA displays banned carryon items in a plexiglass case at airport security checkpoints, so here’s a highly detailed plexiglass version of the layperson’s guide to those items that we call “POSHIBLE” and “IMPOSHIBLE”.

Basically, what you can and cannot “carryon” to Poshmark to sell.

I’m aiming to save you the time of wondering if you are in compliance.  I’m giving you back time you’ll spend listing items that could later be deleted by Poshmark.  I’m telling you WHY you haven’t been chosen for a Host Pick… night after night after night…

This list, compiled with direct assistance from the team at POSHMARK, should help to stem the flow of misinformation and confusion with regard to item listings.  If you see something here that isn’t allowed and you are selling it, PLEASE help lighten the load at Poshmark Headquarters and voluntarily delete it from your closet. No one is keeping tabs on your item deletions. No one will judge.  We’ve all made mistakes.  The important thing is that we fix it and move on.

Please read this list.  Learn it.  Use it.  Then tag it to new Poshers (and older ones who might need a refresher and a lighthearted chuckle) for I have never been one to dole out serious info without a side of humor.  It makes for a much easier gut-wrenching moment that has you sweating profusely.

Then you laugh a little, make the necessary changes and continue your Posh crusade the way that you always dreamed it would be.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Note that this list is current as of 7/14/16 but I ALWAYS suggest you refer DIRECTLY to the Poshmark site for further information and to pose inquiries not covered here.   As Poshmark updates/changes their list, so will I.  It only works if we’re all speaking the same language….

So which do you want first?  The bad news or the good?  Oh, don’t be a coward.  Let’s get the bad out of the way…shall we?



aka “mission imposhibles”



{cue the theme to “Jaws”}
We’ll begin with the great white shark in the room…


And I could stop right there, but this one needs further elaboration.

“I saw “Jaws” for the first time when I was 12.  All I could process was violent death and an enormous eating machine with jagged teeth.  I later discovered they filmed the movie with an enormous FAKE shark, but I’m telling you, that shark was REAL to me.  Such was the deception that kept me out of the ocean for years…”

Simply put, a designer “FAKE” is that big bad shark – a beast of many titles – including “Knock-off”, “Faux”, “Replica” and “Not Authentic”. Or, it may say absolutely nothing except “Chanel”, “Louis Vuitton”, or “Gucci”.

It’s fake, but it seems SO real.

Selling a designer knock-off can knock your Posh closet right off the app.  Buying and selling fake items anywhere is against the law, so don’t be freaked out when Poshmark deletes your listing and issues a stern warning or shuts your closet down.

(I don’t care how cute Elvis looked in the 1950s, nobody wants to jailhouse rock over a fake handbag.)

A “fake”, “faux”, “knock-off” or “replica” item is based on deception.  The manufacturer wants you to think you are getting the real thing, with all the bells and whistles of the authentic item it is mirroring exactly.  So sure are they at their replicating skills, they’ll offer the item at the same high price – LESS a really good discount to encourage you to buy.  Fake items don’t have to be a mirrored replication of an authentic designer item.  Anyone can create a regular handbag and slap a designer logo on it.  It’s still considered copyright infringement and theft of trademark.

Eg. Someone claims they are selling a “Prada” handbag because the emblem says “Prada” and the bag has all the logos and markings for “Prada”.  The bag was not made by Prada but it’s very hard to tell the difference.  Anyone who buys or sells authentic Prada can spot the counterfeit.  An unsuspecting buyer will shell out a big chunk of change to finally have her own “Prada”.

Welcome to the deception.

But there are also items considered to be designer “lookalikes” which cause another kind of confusion because they ARE ALLOWED on Poshmark.  Read carefully.  This is not where you want to be confused.

The designer “lookalike” is mimicking without trying to be what it is NOT.

Eg. – Someone is selling a bag that has the same look as a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, but there is no labeling that mentions LV or Louis Vuitton.  There is no LV logo on the canvas though it has similar styling, maybe even extra hardware or features.  It is clear, even in the eyes of the average consumer, that this is NOT a Louis Vuitton.  The seller should be making it clear in title and description that it is merely a “trendy designer lookalike bag” that is NOT Louis Vuitton.  The price will be very reasonable because the LV brand is absent.

At this time, lookalikes are legal because the trademark/copyright has not been infringed upon – as long as there is no branding on the item and the seller doesn’t claim or categorize it as a designer brand.  I’m not saying that they are RIGHT or WRONG in selling them.  Laws may one day change, but for now many gals choose to buy, sell and carry lookalikes and so Poshmark does allow them.

That said, “lookalikes” on Posh are sometimes termed “designer inspired”, which is still a source of controversy because many consider “inspired” to be just another word for “fake”.  Again, you must look at the item, not the title.  If there is any mention of a designer logo or mark on the item, that makes it a counterfeit.  I would suggest listing lookalikes in the generic sense, with no reference to the designer anywhere in the listing. I would also leave off the term “designer inspired” to save confusion.

If you have an item with designer branding but can’t verify the authenticity, DON’T LIST IT. And understand that “fake” includes more than just handbags.  We’re talking jewelry, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, scarves and makeup.

To confirm authenticity, you can seek out a verified authenticator.  These are found online (for a fee) or as local appraisers. There are a few Poshers who will offer to authenticate at no charge. Use all of these services at your own risk.  I would ask for proof of expertise before asking someone to verify.

Note that “I learned about your handbag on the internet” is not the most desirable proof since the internet has been known to not tell the truth all of the time.

BTW, it is not the responsibilty of a designer store to authenticate your item.

It’s not in the sales associate’s job description to verify that bag from the thrift store.  There are just too many “ifs”, especially with regard to vintage items.  And if it is truly a fake, you wouldn’t want to be caught holding it.

If you still aren’t sure about “why all this big hoopla over fake designer items”, the Association of Retail Professionals has a great article on their site which explains why it is illegal.

NO PET CLOTHING or ACCESSORIES Those pink Bruiser Woods doggie booties fashioned to match your Elle Woods pink sunglasses are really really REALLY not allowed on Poshmark.   Bend and snap those kitty and puppy accoutrements (leashes, collars, beds, scratching posts, dishes, metal cages/crates, squeaky toys) out of your closet pronto.


NO PERFUME/NAIL POLISH/AEROSOLS/LIQUIDS This one surprises so many, but the reason is easy to grasp once you know it.  

First, repeat after me:

“Poshmark ships everything by USPS and USPS ships NEARLY EVERYTHING via AIR TRANSPORT

Perfume is NOT allowed on Poshmark because the USPS prohibits transport of alcohol-containing products via air shipment.  We MUST comply with USPS rules.  Our fantastically easy-to-use POSHPOST labeling makes for easy packaging and shipping without having to visit your postal counter, ever.

Perfume, nail polish, aerosols and other liquids are considered hazardous items which require special handling and have extra restrictions.  Many of these items will break through the factory seals above 30,000 feet.  Suddenly, your new, factory sealed body lotion is doing its impression of “The Blob That Ate The USPS Cargo Hold”.  Not cool.

The restrictions to designate ground transport for such items are NOT included in your POSHPOST labeling.  It’s a standard label for all Poshmark sales.  Even if you KNOW your item is just going 10 miles down the road, PLEASE respect Poshmark’s wishes to enforce the non-allowance of these items across all listings.  UPDATE: The only liquids that Posh approves are NWT foundation, primer, concealer, mascara, liquid eyeliner and lipgloss.  All other liquids are prohibited.  The easiest way to know you are in compliance is that your item has a dedicated slot in the makeup category.  If you need to use “OTHER”, it’s probably not allowed

Want more info?  Here’s the official USPS list  PLUS an extra article about shipping restricted substances.

NO HEALTH AND WELLNESS PRODUCTS** Please, NO wraps that flatten your tummy in 20 days or diet pills or supplements of any kind.  No herbal products, incense, or aromatherapy oils.   You CANNOT Posh vitamins, sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, hair gels, body washes, lotions/creams of any kind, combs, brushes, cotton swabs, manicure kits, first aid kits, hair coloring kits or pregnancy testing kits.  NO feminine hygiene products.  (yes, I know you technically “wear” those but NO!)  

Another thing that people wear but that aren’t allowed on Poshmark are CONTACT LENSES. Again, even if those lenses are new and sealed, they are not supported by Poshmark.  Unfortunately, we’ll just need to look elsewhere for Bella Cullen’s red ravenous eyes.  Ew!!!!

Think of it this way – if it’s found in a drugstore, ask yourself first if it’s something a woman can wear or use to accessorize her look.  If the answer is no, it’s probably NOT ALLOWED on Poshmark.

**This also means NO to those “personal items” such as what might be purchased at Hustler Hollywood (of which I know ZERO).

Seriously, I’ve never been to HH more than like, twice.

NOOOOOOO ELECTRONICS!! No iPhones, Droids, or any other smartphones or cellphones.  NO Xbox, Playstation, Wii, handheld gaming devices, styluses, CPUs, monitors, keyboards, iPads, tablets, Kindles, Nooks or laptop computers.  No stereos, calculators, lamps, toasters, heating pads, lava lamps, alarm clocks, or refrigerators.  No musical instruments.  No flashlights or lightbulbs.  No earbuds, speakers or electronic chargers.  No curling irons, hairdryers, hair straighteners, electric razors, breast pumps, or electronic toothbrushes.  If you can plug it into the wall or put batteries into it, it belongs ON ANOTHER SITE. 

Trust me, people will pay good money for your electronics… ON ANOTHER SITE

NO BOOKS/HOME GOODS/HOME DECOR You can’t Posh books, posters, stationary, CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays, videos, video games, bedsheets, blankets, pillows, wall decor, towels, picture frames, rugs, photo albums, candles, figurines, furniture, indoor fountains, “Bedazzlers”, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.  No jewelry trees, big hanging jewelry organizers, or standing jewelry boxes. (NOTE that  jewelry bags that go in your handbag or luggage ARE acceptable).  No standing shoe holders, no clothing storage bags (the ones you vacuum until you’ve sucked all the air out of the item AND the universe), and no standing makeup containers (eg. acrylic holders).  Below you will read that makeup bags which are portable (for your handbag or luggage) ARE acceptable.

You cannot sell clothing hangers, but if you want to include a nice hanger in the box for your buyer, I think that’s sweet.  Just make sure you don’t pack it in a way that it would puncture your item.  That’s not so sweet.

No kitchen gadgets or utensils, and no food.  Just put the butcher knife down and walk away slowly.  

Gentle reader, I can’t list everything in your house because I want to sleep sometime this century, but you should have a very good idea as to what is NOT ALLOWED.  But if you are still clutching that turkey baster to your chest, VERY intent on Poshing it, PLEASE ask below to make sure the rule on kitchen utensils hasn’t changed JUST for you.**  

**The short answer is NO.


NO LISTINGS THAT PROMOTE “OTHER” SELLING WEBSITES.  “Other” includes but is not limited to: Etsy, Ebay, Vaunte, The Real Real, Threadflip, Tradesy, Mercari, Vinted, etc.  Telling other Poshers in any of your listings to go off-site to buy your item or any items at a ‘better’ price or with a lower commission or no commission is considered a POSHMARK TOS violation.  Also, NO LISTINGS THAT ASK FOR MONETARY DONATIONS OR DIRECT USERS TO MONETARY DONATION SITES.  It is okay to mention that you are selling your items to benefit a certain charity but you cannot post a donation link.  NO LISTINGS THAT PROMOTE AN IN-APP SWEEPSTAKES OR CONTEST UTILIZING THE POSH PLATFORM FOR ENTRY (eg., “like this listing, tag 3 friends and share 3 times for 3 days for a chance to win this kate spade bangle”).

NOTE that you are welcome to list your personal website/blog, Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook address, etc. in your profile so it shows up on your “about” screen, but please review your motive before you list any website on Poshmark.  In this case, networking is GOOD, but using the site to advertise and then steal a sale away is BAD.  The POSHMARK TOS is detailed in full HERE. I advise every Posher to read it from top to bottom.


OTHER NO cars!  No car parts!! No houses! No items found in hubby’s garage. No RVs, pop up trailers or horse trailers.  No bicycles or skateboards. No sporting equipment (weights, exercise bands, water bottles, skis, basketballs, frisbees, hula hoops, pool tables, jock straps, etc.)  No horses or livestock.  No puppies or kittens or baby ducks. If it has a heartbeat, it certainly doesn’t need to be Poshed and then placed in a Priority Mail box.  That’s a whole new kind of WRONG…

OTHER OTHER No tobacco products or smoking paraphernalia. This includes anything that might be whipped out in celebration of 4/20.  No drugs or alcohol-containing products of any kind (i.e. NO ALCOHOL, rubbing or otherwise, NO BEER and NO WINE)   When we say “Posh Party” we don’t mean THAT kind of party.  

OTHER OTHER OTHER No guns, knives, ammunition, hand grenades, tanks or surface to air missiles.  If it’s something that might have been exchanged for hostages in the 1980’s, it’s NOT ALLOWED.



And now… (drumroll)





YES! ALL CLOTHING This includes ALL ladies’ clothing in sizes Petite, Misses, Womens, Maternity and Plus AND tada! Poshmark is now allowing men’s and children’s clothing as well.  Just the excuse you need to raid everyone ELSE’s closet.  Please make sure you have the most recent update to Poshmark installed on your device so you can list your items in the appropriate categories.  

NOTE: ALL CLOTHING does NOT include USED undies! Call them whatever you want: panties, thongs, jockeys, boxers, briefs, underoos, tighty whiteys…. If they are NEW with tags or in original packaging, go for it!  USED UNDERWEAR is the only NO-NO for the clothing category.


This is basically bathrobes, pajamas, nightgowns, nightshirts and camisoles.  NEW and USED condition are both acceptable!  Make sure the used items are CLEAN.  Can’t stress that enough…


As of 7/21/15, you can now sell all manner of undergarments (EXCEPT FOR UNDIES) in CLEAN, USED CONDITION.  This includes bras, hosiery and shape wear.  Yes, used leggings are allowed as they are not considered undergarments (though some of them fit so tightly they’ll likely vote in the 2016 election)  Ladies undies (panties, thongs, etc.) MUST BE NWT for hygienic reasons.  Again, you can sell used, clean bras and spanx but those undies must be NEW.


Yes!  As of 7/21/15, we can now sell NEW AND USED swimsuits.  Make sure they are squeaky clean for that next owner!

YES!!! FORMAL WEAR I guarantee that a great number of wedding dresses and prom dresses are being recycled in the app.  One of my favorite sales was a white feather dress that was worn ONCE to a wedding rehearsal and will soon be worn for a wedding in Costa Rica.  That makes my romantic little heart so happy!!!  

YES!!! SHOES Everything from “flatter than my flat-chested cousin” flats to “cruising altitude of a 767” stilettos is quite Poshible.  Shoes tend to be one of the hottest sellers on the app.  Take care to only offer used shoes that are still in really fabulous shape.  Don’t Posh them if you wouldn’t wear them yourself.

YES!!! ACCESSORIES WORN ON THE BODY These include new and used scarves, mittens and gloves, socks, watches, belts, garters, garter belts, sunglasses, reader glasses, and frames suitable for lenses. Yes, you can also sell that cute apron that makes you look like Wonder Woman. (Little do they really know.  You ARE Wonder Woman!)

YES!!! ACCESSORIES WORN ON THE HEAD These include hats, fascinators, beanies, headbands, wedding veils and that halo you earned from stopping at crosswalks.  If you have an item that “grasps” the hair tightly – such as scrunchies, rubber bands, and barrettes – they should be NWT (for sanitary reasons).


YES!!! HANDBAGS This includes clutch bags, wallets, checkbook covers, coin purses and waist/fanny/belt bags. If you carry it to accessorize your look, it’s definitely allowed!

YES!!! SMARTPHONE COVERS/TABLET COVERS/KEYCHAINS/UMBRELLAS Again, this falls under the “accessorizes and is portable” category.  Just like you accessorize 20 pounds of junk with a cool handbag, so you can accessorize your phone, iPad and Nissan remote key fob with all the fashionable panache you usually save for yourself.

YES!!!  LUGGAGE & certain other BAGS/CONTAINERS  Totes, briefcases, backpacks, diaper bags, handbag-style pet carriers, carryon bags, shopping bags, handbag dust bags, shoe dust bags, fabric lunch boxes and all manner of luggage are allowed.  Keep in mind your 5lb. POSHPOST label must be increased in weight (and in price to you, as the seller) if you choose to ship a heavy piece.  And while we’re on the subject: how exactly does one ship a steamer trunk?  Does it go into a ANOTHER steamer trunk?  Then what?  Am I thinking too much about this a la “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  

Great.  Now my eyes are crossed and I can’t recall my own name…

ONE very important item to note: there are some accessories that organize your closet and life are NOT currently supported on Poshmark. This includes hanging jewelry holders, jewelry trees and boxes, shoe holders, clothes hangers, standing makeup organizers and clothing storage bags.

You CAN Posh the travel jewelry and makeup roll/pouches used for transport.  YES, you can Posh hatboxes.  You can also Posh brand NEW contact lens CASES but not the contact lenses themselves (for hygienic reasons…)

YES!!! CRAFTED/HOMEMADE FASHION & ACCESSORIES If you construct an item and make it wearable (or an accessory), it’s definitely allowed.  There are numerous Poshers who are building their own brand of clothing, jewelry, handbags and more.  Many are selling exclusively on Poshmark, thus giving you the advantage of buying items that are both UNIQUE and HTF!


YES!!! HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!! Candy NOT included.


Makeup is very popular on Poshmark but it must be NEW AND SEALED before it can be listed.

NOTE, if you open a makeup item to show the shade or test the color for your listing, it is no longer new and you CANNOT sell it.    RESIST THE URGE. DON’T OPEN IT.  If your seller is asking for the shade on a face, look for a stock photo online from the cosmetic manufacturer.  Again, ALL factory seals MUST be intact and the item should be in the original box or packaging.  The condition of your makeup should be the same as if you purchased it from a department store counter.

YES, you CAN sell the following items: eyeshadow, blush, foundation, primer, finishing powder, eyeliner, eye pencils, lipstick, lip pencils, lip gloss, mascara, concealer, pressed powder, powdered bronzers, makeup brushes – remembering that they must be FACTORY SEALED and in those original boxes. If it is a liquid, make sure it is packaged securely to prevent breakage or spills.

You can also sell false eyelashes, wigs, hairpieces and attachable nail appliqués as long as they are NWT and factory sealed. REMEMBER, NO NAIL POLISH AND NO PERFUME!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And guess what???  WE ARE DONE!!!


(Hello, Gorgeous….)

Do you have an item that isn’t listed here?  Please don’t just list it and plead “dumb“.  And definitely do not list it because you saw it in another closet.  That’s pleading “dumber“.  When in doubt, give Posh a shout.  Email Poshmark directly and ask for a ruling on any item BEFORE you list it.

I’m also happy to ask Posh on your behalf.  Just comment below.  This helps me keep this list accurate and up-to-date.

And finally, a word to the wise…aka “the Posher who knows all of this already”.

Please remember that Poshmark’s community is one of mentoring and support.  We’re not here to judge and call out bad behavior.  It’s our duty to boost other Poshers and help them be successful.  If you see a closet or item in violation of the guidelines, it’s best to follow Poshmark’s lead: just click the report button and move on.  Poshmark WILL handle it.  

That said, if any Poshers come to you seeking guidance on their closets and you see something amiss, be very pleasant and discreet in helping to guide them towards compliance.  I’m reminded of the following indiscretion in our teen years:

“Remember in high school when that cute boy called your house and you were in the bathroom and your mom answered the phone first and TOLD him you were in the bathroom and that you had been in there FOREVER and then you found out who called and what your mom said to him and then you keeled over and DIED and then had get up the next morning, go to school and look that cute guy in the face again?  Yeah, neither do I.”

I know you can be a bit more discreet than that.

Be the Posh star in someone’s universe – “carryon” a discussion that addresses the compliance issue while fostering a friendship, keeping all dignities intact and making the Posh experience a nurturing one for both parties.

And when all is said and done, SHARE THE HECK out of that closet to show your support!!!



Looking for MORE POSH “Q-Tips”? Find them here

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    On another note, I absolutely love your face.


  2. katz2 says:

    Brenda, I ❤️❤️❤️this. To the point while amusing too! Btw did you see the puppy that was for sale? Or the pool table?

  3. Christine Jones says:

    Hello Brenda!
    It’s Fuzzynavel, Christine!! Love love love your advice!! What a way to educate the newbies but keep us veterans humble at the same time! We all need this – a great resource – a trusted soul to go to for advice. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds we forget to take each experience as yet something else we learned. Thank you again for being the light at the end of the tunnel, the peanut butter to our jelly and the chocolate to our M&Ms. Love ya!!

  4. Daniele Pereira says:

    BRENDA YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON, I wish every person think in a others the way you think… LOVE EVERYTHING … THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME

  5. Sherry Smith says:

    My Queenie, My Inspiror & My Dear Sweet Friend! You never cease to amaze me! This is #1 So BrendBeautiful! #2 So Very Informative & #3 and last but T-Totally not least So freaking Hilarious!! It kept my ADHD & OCD Attention from beginning to the very end & that my Friend is very hard to do! If I still Hosted parties, this would be TOP PICK! I Love You my dear Friend & will Host again when health is better hopefully real soon. Much love to my

  6. Jules2209 says:

    I love it, I love it…. I Love it!! So faboulous and so unique just like you.

  7. Martina Velasquez says:

    The best I have seen (and reported) was birth control pills!

  8. Shoret411 says:

    I think I have seen almost all of those things “not to be sold” on PM! And I heard about the puppy, wtf! I just caught someone selling a whole page full of fake Gucci/Tiffany’s jewlery and even fake Victoria’s Secret that said “genuine” on the listing! I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts and helpful listings!!

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi Christine, I did read all the rules before I started because my mentor Elise Hunter and Pamelon have been instrumental . Thank their sweet hearts, and I do every time I get a chance to!!! I do have a question. I have Deadstock Bullet Bras from the 50’s that don’t have tag. They have been used as an accessory on a set that I modeled in and they gave them to me. They are really fun, and no ones skin touched any part. What do you think? I haven’t posted them, if my gut says maybe I err towards the no. Btw, thanks so much for this info. Can I send other newbies to it? Often I see a new closet with everything and the dirty diaper, they have followed me and I follow back, and then wonder what I can do to help them. Btw I’ve never seen a car!!!! I have seen woman’s special sumpin sumpins if you know what I mean and feel like someone just flashed me!!!! Thanks so much. @MichelleAnnette

    • brendaed says:

      Hi Michelle:

      Welcome to Poshmark! Elise and Pamela are two great Posh mentors to follow. Regarding the Deadstock Bullet Bras, if they’ve never been worn, you can list them as NWOT (new w/o tags) and explain how they came into your possession. Poshmark will allow a NWOT in place of a NWT – provided the item as NEVER been worn. Tag me when you do list them – they are a fab nostalgic piece! 🙂 And please do send other Posh newbies here if they need a primer on Poshible vs. Imposhible.


      PS – keep clear of those sumpin sumpins – they will BLIND YOU! 😉

  10. GoodBuys says:

    Truly appreciate the time you have put into this. I did learn from it. I hope you don’t mind but I will be using some of your info/Closet for my Posh Meet ☺️ I have been gathering Posh Rules, guidelines and mentors and putting them into charades, trivia and other game form. “Thank You”

    • brendaed says:

      Happy this information can be of any assistance to you – have a great time at your Meet Up!

      Brenda 🙂

  11. Caren Helm says:

    So well written, funny and informative. You are a fabulous and entertaining writer. If you looking for another Posh topic to cover, I have always woundered what the proper Posh etiquette is for following people. Sometimes I see someone has 100,000’plus followers but is only following just a few themselveS. Is it customary to follow a person back because they follow you? Sometimes I will just follow someone because they followed me even through there closet isnt my size or taste. Not sure what the proper etiquette is for this. Anyway, just a topic that I always wondered about, thought I would suggest it as a topic for you! Thank you for all your wounderfull tips

    • brendaed says:

      Hey Caren!

      Thank you for your comments! You are so sweet! I do appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and I always appreciate new topic ideas! This is one I think I can address for you here.

      When it comes to followers/following, it’s really your choice. Many Poshers like to follow for every follower – to build their numbers and also to express a “thank you”. Likewise, closets will go into their follower list to share those that they feel are loyal and to thank them back.

      Some Poshers who have over 100K in followers but only a few “follows” likely started with a larger number when first building their closet but then whittled it down. The reason could be the feed – the more you follow, the more varied your feed, but also the more listings that fly by within seconds. Some Poshers just want to see items that they are specifically interested in buying – those in their size, style, etc. in an easy to follow feed.

      However, not following back should not be construed as a “no thank you” or absence of loyalty. Yes, the follow generates that notification, but unfollowing generates no such message. So there are those who will follow to show the “love” and then quickly unfollow, never to be heard from again. It’s sad, but true. Moreover, many Poshers love what they see but will not immediately follow back unless they’ve vetted the closet for guideline infractions first. Again, it’s their prerogative to follow only closets that comply with Poshmark rules.

      One important note – a follower list may be in the millions, but actual clicking on that list will divulge only a small percentage of names. Poshmark can’t show them all, and though a specific reason is not given, I’m betting that full list access would mean zero server space for anything else!

      Thus, the absence of a username is not an indication that someone isn’t following you. Poshers get nervous when they don’t see the name of someone they KNOW is following them. It makes for very interesting “I thought she LIKED me” paranoia. This isn’t Twitter (which shows when another user is following you via their own account page). For now, we just have to trust that our homies are indeed all there, like a net under the trapeze artist.

      So what’s a Posher to do???

      My suggestion is to follow closets you love and make those (and others) permanent and at your instant share disposal by “liking” items instead. Even if someone doesn’t have your size, liking any of the listings shows Posh love and puts the item into what I’ve termed “the likebrary”. It’s a lovely solution where you can share as much as you want without having to remember a username (some of them are difficult to recall!). A likebrary also serves as your own version of a Host pick party! I have hundreds of items in mine that aren’t my size but I love the seller and want to share their best items.

      You could follow 5 million closets, but if you don’t share from them, the Posh love stops there. Closets WILL take note of shares as excitedly as a follow, and daily sharing from your likebrary will generate goodwill via more shares and maybe even a {gulp} sale!

      And – ain’t it the truth? – that little red banner trumps all!

      Hope this helps shed a bit of light on what can be a touchy subject. Again, thanks Caren for your support of my blog! 🙂

      Cheers and Happy Poshing!

  12. Caren says:

    Thank you Brenda, I think you have removed some of my not following everyone guilt! I know it’s customary to return shares, I was just never was sure about the follows.

    I appreciate your repy!


  13. @pehang says:

    Great info! Love it! Thanks to Clara for suggesting the read (@katz2) I’ve been poshing for 16 months & this is the very best info I’ve seen, is it ok to share with newbies when we meet them? Thanks, Gerilynn

  14. Leslie says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the info. I appreciate it. I’ve been on Poshmark for over a year. I just recently over the course of a few months have grown to over 1200 followers. Yay! I also have my first item for host pick too. I’m super excited! I’d like to know if there’s a easier way to tag everyone to thank them on the mobile app. Also, how do I get those cute symbols? Still not a pro and a little overwhelmed … But I a good way…. 🙂
    Thank you

    • brendaed says:

      Hi Leslie!
      First, applause! applause! for building your following AND getting that fabulous Host Pick! 🙂 It’s such an awesome feeling to have one of your items selected in one of the nightly parties – and the exposure is astronomical! I know you want to thank everyone for their shares and congrats, but make sure you limit your user tags to no more than 5 in your own comments. To tag a bunch of names in a single comment is considered “mass-tagging”, which is a Posh etiquette no-no. And those cute symbols to which you are referring are “emojis” and can be activated in your smartphone’s general settings – just look for the “keyboard” link, add the emoji keyboard and then your can flip back and forth when you type. Cheers and Happy Poshing!

  15. Janis says:

    Hi Queen Brenda,

    I noticed somewhere in your listing, that “key chains” are not allowed. Has this changed since your last update?

    I have had Poshers ask me about creams, like foot creams in plastic jars (Bath ‘n Body) or homemade body sugar scrubs and also homemade bath soap.

    Just wanting to know what category it falls into.

    • brendaed says:

      Janis – keychains are a YES! As for foot creams, body scrubs, etc. – those are beauty products and are not allowed. Hope this helps!

  16. Christine Hahn says:

    Brenda, this is awesome!! I wish we could all have this link at the top of our page! I’ve been getting questions from new poshers and I’ve been giving them the info on hand, but you have it spelled out here so much more clearly! And while I have been known to be funny, your sense of wit & humor is perfectly inserted & def makes for a Fun & Informative read!! Lastly, as a writer, dare I say? We have a writer here! Lol I have no clue what your Carter and/or passions may be, other than fashion & helping others! But I enjoyed reading this in it’s entirety! Thank you so much!

    • brendaed says:

      Christine – Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I’m ultra flattered! I try to have fun with everything, so I always inject a bit of my myself when penning informative posts like this. And I didn’t know you were a writer – that’s fantastic! I’m trying my hand at it, too (no pun intended) on the side – way out to the side, actually. As Poshers and Writers, dare we say? It takes a LOT of time investment to be creatively bold in both endeavors. I know you’ll agree! LOL 🙂

      Cheers! Brenda

  17. Samantha says:

    Can I please ask you a question about poshmark? I am clueless and you seem very knowledgeable!

    I have a package weighing 11lbs and when I tried to up the label through poshmark I saw that they only go up to 10lbs. What do you do in this situation?

    Also I’ve emailed poshmark but they have been really slow in getting back to me. Any help given is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    • brendaed says:

      Hi Samantha! I haven’t had an item over 10lbs., but in the absence of an 11lb. label on Poshmark, I would print off the 10lb. label and then take the box to a postal counter to have it scanned so the weight can be confirmed. The clerk will tell you how much extra postage you need to add to it and apply a postage label to make it correct. Your Posh tracking code should not change -but if it does, you need to keep that information to notify both your buyer and Poshmark. Hope this helps.


  18. Tee says:

    I just had poshmark threaten to delete my account for listing a pair of ski goggles. I’ve always been 100% posh compliant, and not only am surprised they would delete an account with over $5k compliant sales this year( and zero breaking of posh rules) over one item, but also because to me, ski goggles seem in compliance along with sunglasses and accessories. They are even labeled as women specific and are pink/glittery/ obviously made to be a fashion piece. Very confused.

  19. Jen says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I’m fairly new and wish I would have found your blog sooner! I have a question about the no no’s I have sold in the past (before I completely looked into the rules). What can I do now that they are sold and I can’t edit them and Posh won’t delete them? I emailed them and they said “Poshmark does not remove or edit sold banners and listings at this time, even if the listing has been cancelled. It acts as a record for previous transactions.” Should I totally delete my account and make a new one that follows all rules? This sounds like a lot of work :/ Any advice would he appreciated!

  20. Robynne Catheron says:

    Hi Brenda, this is great, thanks for taking the time to write it! If the tiny-font-paragraphs were just a wee bit bigger, my old eyes could read it easier ☺

    I’d like to share this in my own closet, but I just read in your closet that keychains and mascara are not authorized. Has that changed since you wrote this?
    Also, a Posher commented on one of my listings that her post office told her that liquids were acceptable as long as she told them beforehand so they could treat it accordingly! She was going to post something in her closet telling her that followers that nail polish, lotions, etc were okay with the post office. I emailed Posh, but they just said they’d look into it if they heard anything else about her. I wish I could remember her name.

    • brendaed says:

      Hey Robynne!

      My apologies on the super small print. The desktop version is much easier to read. Sometimes wordpress (the formatting here) does not translate as perfectly to mobile. Thanks for your patience (and diligence to read the baby script!)


  21. Lorena says:

    Hello! Great advice! I’d love to read about the not so newbies thay already made mistakes like selling a non compliant item or took out a transaction, if they are condemned to never become a SU or host a party so it’s better to close and open a new account following all the rules perfectly… or if they still have a chance to make it and you include the ‘How to…’ that be awesome!

  22. Georgeann Van Delist says:

    Glad I found this post! I’ve been on Posh for about 2 years now, but I STILL make mistakes. I think that the newbie phase lasts a little longer on this app. 🙂 I think that for most of us, it’s not that we want to do anything that violates Posh rules, but it can be hard to remember what is and isn’t okay to sell/ship. Your explanation was great. For me, just understanding how shipping dictates what can be sold on PM really gave me better insight on how I can follow Posh rules more accurately. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding something in our closet that we think we should sell — from now on I will keep your advice in mind when listing my items! Thanks!

  23. Amy says:

    My beef with the list is that Poshmark is very inconsistent in removing banned items. I have no problem not listing these items though some seem to be in a gray area, it is when I have an item removed and find dozens of the exact same thing still listed. To be fair to all, there needs to be consistency. It is not hard to find banned items that are listed.

  24. Hey Brenda please sign me up for updates. Thank you for being such a great help and mentor. Liz

  25. Lorena Silva says:

    Hello! I was told today that aprons aren’t allowed!in your article you mentioned them as allowed items. Has something changed???

    • brendaed says:

      Very good question, Lorena. I was told they were allowed but sometimes what you hear and what others hear can be different due to the number of new employees in a very fast growing startup. I’m attending Poshfest in a few weeks and will confirm one way or another from an established source. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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