POSHible or NOT? HERE’S the LIST…

Note that this list is current as of 9/25/14, but I ALWAYS suggest you refer DIRECTLY to the Poshmark site for further information and to pose inquiries not covered here.   As Poshmark updates/changes their list, so will I.  It … Continue Reading →


Carryon My A-Wayward One

Fashionistas pay attention. I’m about to make a startling announcement. I did something quite amazing, and I couldn’t be more proud. Are you ready?  Here goes… I traveled in Europe for 3 weeks in only a carryon!   And I’m NOT … Continue Reading →


Attending POSHFEST in November? You need these…

There’s a saying that I love – “Wear cute pajamas… You never know who you will meet in your dreams!” If your dream is attending POSHFEST, then these cute pajamas are definitely for you. Network all weekend with your PFFs … Continue Reading →


Have Smartphone, Will Consign (Interview with The Tennessean)

I’m so excited to have done this interview with Shopping Diva Cathi Aycock of The Tennessean.   For a quick look into how I took my Poshmark closet to the next level by starting my own at-home consignment business, just … Continue Reading →


Posh Pajama Giveaway!

  Do you have a dream that’s been realized through your Poshing experiences?  Detail how Posh has changed your life and you will be entered to win a pair of “Posh is the New Sleep” Pajamas.  Contest ends at 12:01 … Continue Reading →

The Closet Riddle: POSHible or Not?

  “I have a fab item I want to sell.   Is it POSHIBLE???”   America, welcome to the newest lexicon.  Life will never be the same now that we’ve learned how to “Posh”.  And if you’re “Poshing”, you’re definitely … Continue Reading →

Now Playing Near You & All Across America

INT. Bedroom – NIGHT. A MAN lies alone in his bed, motionless, staring at the ceiling.  THE VOICE OF GOD suddenly cuts through the darkness and addresses the MAN, who remains motionless.           VOICE OF GOD … Continue Reading →

The ABC of AMAZING Poshmark Closets

Parts of the following are excerpted from the forthcoming “PoshMark’s the Spot”. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No part of the following may be copied, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without prior permission of … Continue Reading →


Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille…

I’ve always dreamed of being on the big screen, and with Poshmark, dreams really do come true! http://fox17.com/news/features/saving-money/stories/saving-you-money-closet-money-13.shtml#.UteLZjnN6lI       This blog post has been Digiproved © 2014All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Read OnlyLicense Summary:You may read the original content … Continue Reading →

99% Pure and All Bad

Fellow Baddites, it’s official.  I am now one of you. Remove your masks, tip your black pork pie hats, shower me with hundred dollar bills and just call Saul.  I am a full fledged Bryan Cranston groupie and the newest … Continue Reading →